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Chakra: Root
Dolomite is a lovely pink mineral that helps the thought process and heals the body on the cellular level. It encourages original thought. With the assistance of Dolomite you will be able to see new ways to resolve daily issues and set your goals with more clarity. This is important. With more sharply focused goals, you will be able to manifest the results more quickly. The process can be like this. The need to do something occurs to you. Within a few seconds a solution enters your thoughts. While holding your dolomite or having it very near, wait for a minute or two. A new thought will come through that is a much better solution than the first. Dolomite also helps you accept those “bad” things in your life by realizing that everything happens for a reason. Like citrine, garnet and labradorite, it encourages self-confidence. It also promotes charitable action on your part.

Dolomite helps to heal the body from the inside out. It assists in building stronger blood cells and general cell structure. It strengthens the teeth, bone, nails and skin. Dolomite can be used for enhancing muscles. It can stabilize and balance your physical energies and block outside energies from disrupting the body. It helps to provide more oxygen for the lungs to distribute throughout the body. It eliminates irregular cells. It also helps with proper digestion.

Dolomite can be used as a stone next to your skin or within your aura, about 2 to 3 feet around you. It is also used as an elixir. To make the elixir place some clean water in a bowl or glass bottle. Place the cleaned stone in the water and let it sit in the sun for 3 days covered to keep out dirt and dust. Drink the elixir when you want the affects already discussed. Placing a large sample of Dolomite by the front door can extend this effect to a room or an entire home.

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