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Blue Quartz - Dumortierite

Chakra: Throat
Blue Quartz, Dumortierite, is a form of bulk quartz that is blue in color. Because it is from the quartz family, it can be used on all chakras. It is most effective when used on the throat. Blue Quartz can cool this part of the body relieving sour throats and soothing the raspy feeling. Its influence reaches the third eye chakra and the heart chakra. When these three chakras are in harmony, you will be able to know your spiritual and emotional truth and speak it. It can enhance psychic sensitivity.

Blue Quartz brings mental clarity by assisting you to overcome the scattered mind and have organization of your thoughts. It can reduce emotional tension and depression and replace them with peace and happiness.

Blue Quartz enhances spiritual development. It brings peacefulness to your meditation or contemplation. It provides a clear path to your angels and spirit guides. It can increase your sensitivity and creativity. Blue quartz assists in detoxification of the blood by helping to remove heavy metals.

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