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"My sun sets to rise again"...Robert Browning
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Gem of the Month - Smithsonite

Smithsonite is the crystal for mind and heart. When the challenges of life begin to weigh us down, Smithsonite is here to calm the nerves and relax the mind.

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Tibetan Tektite

Tibetan Tektite is a valuable gift from the universe. Itís a form of tektite glass similar to moldavite that was formed when a large meteor struck the Earth hundreds of centuries ago. In this article we will refer to it as Tektite. It is found in oval or elongated forms with very pitted surfaces. This pitting suggests that the stone was cooled under water adding the water element of cleansing to the overall energy. At a glance it looks black in color. But a close look at the edges reveals it to be a dark golden yellow. Tektite has the healing characteristics of a stone native to Earth with a slightly different feel when used in meditation. Many find this difference manifests itself by providing a much larger view of an issue than what appears on the surface.

Tektite can eliminate negative energy that distracts us from our purpose. It strengthens our aura, helping to assure good health. Tektite enhances our thought transmission and assist in attaining knowledge. All of this helps us to learn the lessons of life that we are walking through. It makes the hidden, deep truth obvious. This is the best gift from Tektite. We are always experiencing new lessons. It is very important to get the most from each one. Tektite is the mineral to help in this process. It is not a stone that is used for five minutes and set aside for a week. Learning from life is an ongoing process and the Tektite should be a daily resource.

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