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Gem of the Month - Smithsonite

Smithsonite is the crystal for mind and heart. When the challenges of life begin to weigh us down, Smithsonite is here to calm the nerves and relax the mind.

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Moqui Balls

Moqui Balls are a different sort of stone. They are ironstone concretions formed from the splatter of a meteor thousands of years ago. The center of the stone is sand and the outer crust is ironstone or magnetite. They are slightly magnetic. The size can range from that of a pea to a baseball. The ones I have in stock are golf ball size or larger. They are also known as Shaman’s Stones or Thunder Balls. They are used for healing and balancing. Shaman’s Stones have been used in native cultures for thousands of years. The Shaman would either apply the stone directly to the diseased area to remove blockages, or place two of them, one in each hand, for overall balancing and calming by aligning the energy centers.

These stones display definite male and female vibrations. Many people determine if the Moqui Ball is male or female by the outward appearance. If the skin is smooth it is female and rough is male. Others say the female stone is round and the male is disk shaped. There is merit to either observation. When used for balancing, the female stone is placed in the left hand and the male stone in the right. My experience has shown a more definitive way of determining the energy. Place one stone between the palms of both hands. Within seconds you will feel a vibration. If it excites the upper half of your body, it is a female stone. If it excites the lower half of your body, it is male. Keep sampling stones until you find one of each for your use.

When a Moqui Ball is placed in a hot fire it will become a Thunder Ball. The moisture in the sand at the center of the stone expands and the ball explodes. The power of the explosion as well as the pattern of the debris will tell an experienced Shaman the intensity of the situation at hand as well as the path for resolution.

The Moqui Ball is a miniature Mother Earth. It is very grounding, relieving you of stressful energy and negativity by absorbing it. It can assist in raising your personal energy by stimulating the Chi. The Moqui Ball provides protection for the body and mind by shielding you from negativity. When placed on the third eye, it enhances your psychic power. The Moqui Ball is nurturing. It has the feel of an old friend, warm and reassuring.

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