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Chakra: Third Eye

Wavellite is a mineral that assists in making decisions. Not the decisions on what to have for breakfast or what to wear to work today. Rather the deeper decisions that your quality of life may hinge on. Career path and love relationships are but two examples. There are many stones that help in the decision making process. Wavelite is the only one that works at your root level. It helps you journey within yourself to discover your uniqueness. When making decisions we logically gather our facts and weigh them carefully. With Wavellite I find that my focus is distracted from this pinpoint of facts and reshaped with a much larger picture to examine. Wavellite shows a much broader landscape concerning the decision to be made. It shows how this decision fits into who you really are down deep, not just your surface image. Important decisions that may change your life must fit who you really are, not just the circumstances of the day. For example, if you are considering a career change because what you are currently doing is causing too much stress in your life, Wavellite will help you identify what field you would be happier in. With the use of Wavellite during meditation, you may discover that your calling is to help other find comfort in their present condition. Then you may count out the career path of office clerk and look more to social work. If Wavellite shows you that you are here to raise the vibration of Mother Earth to the next level, you will probably not seek employment as a used car salesman. You would look for something that would put you in daily contact with other like-minded people.

Wavellite doesn't give you just one answer, one path. It will help to reveal several alternate paths. For any deep question, there are several ways to achieve the same goal. Wavellite assist us in bringing these paths out of our inner knowledge. This is an example of Wavellite assisting in the flow of consciousness. It is interesting to note that the green color of Wavellite is produced by the mineral vanadium, which also is an aid in sharpening the mental process.

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