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Chakra: Root Chakra

Sphalerite is a crystal used in conjunction with the first and second chakras. The red color of this stone is so intense that at a glance it appears to be black. It opens a wide path from the root charka to Mother Earth for personal grounding. Sphalerite works to relieve prostate troubles as well as problems with the ovaries and testicles. It is helpful in clearing and healing the kidneys and liver. Wounds heal more quickly with the use of Sphalerite. It helps develop the brain and senses, especially smell, taste and sight. It can be used to overcome weakness and exhaustion.

Sphalerite assists in the development of your psychic abilities. It helps to bring into sharper focus matters at hand with supernatural knowledge. Abstract thoughts can be brought into reality with the use of Sphalerite. Big life changes and transformation can become much easier with the use of this crystal.

Sphalerite is a good stone for providing protection when working with the public. We all have heard channeled messages and wondered if the content was legitimate. Sphalerite can help us determine what part of the message is from Spirit and what part is a product of the individual?s ego. It can help in determining truth in a business deal as well. In meditation Sphalerite provides clarity and protection from negative energy.

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