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Chakra: Third Eye

Sodalite has been one of my favorite stones for many years. I find it's rich blue color with white swirling through to be very relaxing. It is very useful in activating the third eye, leading to the relaxation of mental activities. Sodalite can eliminate guilt, fear and confusion. It increases creativity, confidence and emotional balance while elevating self-esteem. With the use of Sodalite one can more easily identify their personal truth, who you really are, and communicate this to others. Psychic attacks are repelled by Sodalite.

Sodalite helps us be less critical and enhances objectivity. This brings more clarity to the thought process and the ability to make more sound decisions. A common problem in our society is the division of our attention between our work and family. Sodalite helps to set our priorities more from the spiritual point of view rather than the temporal. What used to be confusing can become very clear. In this light, Sodalite helps us untangle the complications of our lifestyle. With these issues resolved, we are more open to having a greater joy in our hearts.

Sodalite is useful in the treatment of digestive disorders. It eases the nervous stomach for example. At the same time it can strengthen our metabolism. Body toxins, a byproduct of stress, will be neutralized with the use of Sodalite as an elixir. One of the results is a more restful sleep.

I have found that Sodalite relieves joint pain. I used it to ease the pain of tennis elbow. It not only eased it but the pain has not returned in years. I know several seniors who have experienced a lessening of joint pain, both knees and elbows, while using Sodalite.

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