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Chakra: Crown Chakra

Smithsonite is the crystal for mind and heart. When the challenges of life begin to weigh us down, Smithsonite is here to calm the nerves and relax the
mind. It soothes emotions, reduces stress and instills self worth. It promotes kind thoughts. The kindness that emanates from this crystal favors positive outcomes. What is on our mind is what we manifest. In this fashion Smithsonite favors new beginnings. If what we have been doing hasn't brought us peace and joy, Smithsonite is here to help us change direction. It can help us realize self-love. It also helps us give and receive love more freely.

When placed on the crown chakra, Smithsonite will bring all of the other charkas into alignment, into peaceful harmony and enlightenment. It can replace any other stone normally used during crystal healing. When we need just one more particular stone to complete a healing layout or grid, Smithsonite can be used as the substitute. It can be used as a psychic tool. It will assist you in knowing if a message given to you "through Spirit" is true or not.

Smithsonite is effective in strengthening the immune system. It relieves sinus and digestive disorders, two areas known to be active during stress. It can be effective in the fight with dependencies like alcoholism. This is also a type of new beginning that Smithsonite promotes. It attracts and enhances new friendships.

Smithsonite is emerging as a great aid in our daily lives. It has been known by only a few metaphysical practitioners but has been loved by rock enthusiasts for many years. I have some samples in my shop, available for a test drive when you are ready to try something different.

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