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Chakra: Crown Chakra

Selenite is formed from many long, thin, white or clear strands of gypsum that look like fishing line tightly bundled. Selenite is water-soluble. Like quartz and agate, it is found all over the Earth. Selenite was named after the goddesses of the moon. As quartz, it is a good energy mover. It is used to integrate the energy of Spirit into our daily lives.

Selenite can be used to help align the spinal column. This is accomplished by placing a rod on the backbone and leaving it there for an extended period of time. It has been said that several applications will help to strengthen and straighten the spine. Energy blocks can be removed by placing a sample of selenite rod on the blockage. Selenite encourages the proper regeneration of healthy cells. It also assists the immune and nervous systems by clearing toxins from the cells.

Selenite helps to clear the mind. As your thinking clears and your mental focus increases, your awareness of your internal issues, as well as those in the outside world, become more clear and solvable. Your inner truth is more available. As your inner truth comes to the surface, ego based logic declines. Selenite helps to sooth the emotions, helping you maintain self-control. It can assist with the emotions of letting go. Selenite can be used to increase your psychic abilities by helping you become calmer and more able to hear that soft voice within.

Some Selenite crystals store ancient memories of information and events, as quartz does. By placing the Selenite on your third eye, some of this information can become available to you. It activates the crown chakra, our connecting point to Spirit. During meditation with Selenite, visualize white light entering the crown chakra. Allow this light to pass through your body and exit into the Earth through your feet. As this light fills your body, it will cleanse each cell that it touches. As this same light disperses into the Earth it also is healing the Earth. In this way, Selenite is balancing both you and Mother Earth. By gently rubbing a Selenite rod, you can access information from past lives.

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