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Chakra: Root Chakra

Rubellite is a member of the tourmaline family. The color can range from a light pink to a very dark, opaque red. It is frequently cut into a semi-precious gemstone. No matter what the color, it has the same metaphysical properties. All forms of tourmaline are used for balancing. When using black tourmaline for balancing, two stones are required, one for each hand. When using Rubellite for energy balancing only one stone is used. Rubelitte is very effective in conjunction with the root, sacral and heart chakras. When used with the root chakra, it promotes the release of negative energy to Mother Earth to achieve body energy balance. Blood cleansing can be achieved with Rubellite by placing the stone on the second chakra. This also assists with cleansing and healing of the liver, kidneys and sex organs. When placed on the heart chakra, Rubellite helps in balancing the emotions, relieving stress, promoting relaxation and releasing personal emotional pain. Rubellite brings back the fire of passion and raises it to a higher level.

Using Rubellite is easy and effective. For grounding and balancing, put the stone in the palm of you hand and place it on your root chakra. In a very short period of time you will feel a tingling sensation in your feet. This is the negative energy moving from the body to the Earth. Hold it there until the tingling subsides, usually just a few minutes. The same procedure is used for the sacral chakra. You may experience less tingling sensations. Hold the stone on the chakra for several minutes. Even though you may not feel anything, the Rubellite is working. For emotional release and balancing place the Rubellite on the heart chakra. Take a couple slow deep breaths. Calmness will begin at the chakra and spread throughout the body. This calmness is usually followed by a warn sensation. Stress is being replaced with relaxation. Bring to mind any personal, emotional pain that you have suffered. Begin with the most recent event. Allow this to clear and go to the next one. This is where Rubellite is most effective, balancing the emotions. You can repeat this as many times as you feel necessary. As a test, repeat this exercise the next day to make sure that the pain is gone. If some pain still lingers, do the exercise again.

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