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Chakra: Third Eye

Phenacite is a rare find in nature and can be difficult to procure. These crystals are clear to milky white in color, almost looking like pieces of broken glass. They don’t grab the eye the way many other crystals do.,but when you give them a chance they will get your attention. Phenacite is a strong healing crystal, having the highest vibration of any crystal. It links the crown chakra and the third eye to the spiritual kingdom with ease. This connection is strong, like tapping into a deep river. It brings universal healing into the body and aligns the body with the spiritual blueprint of perfect health. It also brings universal love, but you must allow it to do its job. Without complete permission and trust it will fall short of its potential. It will do only what you will allow. Phenacite works not on the symptom, but on the root problem. It cleanses the body and allows a strong, spiritual energy to flow, changing the cells from their deficient state to that state which was originally intended. Phenacite promotes deep meditation and a state of “inner knowing” that goes beyond intuition.

Phenacite is a gathering crystal. It works well with other crystals. It gathers and enhances the effect of all other crystals being used and seems to direct their energies to be the most effective. Phenacite aligns each chakra and gives knowledge to the user on what can be done to keep each chakra open. It also promotes clairvoyance.

Phenacite connects physical consciousness to spiritual consciousness, which enhances spiritual awareness. It is a stone of manifestation. It cleanses your thoughts bringing about clearer spiritual thinking and acceptance of spiritual
truth. As your vision of what you really desire comes into focus, it will occur in this dimension. Phenacite also increases your personal vibration. This is clearly preparation for the energy shift that is beginning to take place. From my view, this is a stone for the ascension.

This by no means is the entire story on Phenacite. I encourage you to test drive this stone in the near future. It will be a truly rewarding experience.

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