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Ocean Jasper

Chakra: Solar Plexus

One of the many beautiful forms of agate is Ocean Jasper. It is found in only one mine near Marovato, Madagascar by the ocean, which is how it was named. The mine is accessible for collecting the mineral during low tide. The only transportation to the mine is by boat. I have been told that Ocean Jasper was originally formed under water. This would explain why it has such a soothing energy. It has the energy to help us love ourselves and others. It also is a healer of emotions and brings peace of mind. Patience is increased with the use of Ocean Jasper as well as further acceptance of personal responsibilities. Ocean Jasper works with the digestive system by calming the stomach and intestines, allowing them to perform their functions more efficiently. It also helps the body eliminate toxins. In general it assists with the calming of the third and fourth chakras, the solar plexus and heart.

For use in meditation, place the Ocean Jasper in the palm of the right (dominant) hand and place the hand on the heart chakra or the solar plexus. You may select a spot that is midway between the two. This is the area where Ocean Jasper resonates best. Place the left (non dominant) hand on top of the other. Close your eyes and breath deep. You will become so calm that you will begin to notice the rhythms of you heart and lungs. You might even hear the flow of your body fluids. You will become aware of the cycles of life in your body. The Indians of the Americas have taught the cycle of life for all creation through the ceremony of the medicine wheel and many others. This cycle begins with birth and follows through maturity and returning to The Great Spirit. When you look at a sample of Ocean Jasper, notice all of the circles. Each is a reminder of the
cycle of life for all creation including your personal body cycles. The more we understand these cycles, the better we understand our creator.

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