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Magnetite - Lodestone

Chakra: Root

Magnetite, whose ancient name is lodestone, is a wonderful stone for healing. Although it works well in aligning and opening every chakra, it is best suited for use with the first chakra in grounding to Mother Earth. This black stone will provide calmness where chaos has ruled in our lives. It provides the open path to Mother Earth grounding like few other stones.

Magnetite has been used for healing since ancient times. In general it works to strengthen the iron in our blood. It also helps promote elasticity in the arteries. This combination allows more blood to flow through the body. With the increased flow more oxygen is available for use especially in injured areas. Magnetite can be placed on a strained muscle, a painful joint or a wound to accelerate the healing process. It is also an aid in healing broken bones, is used to relieve pain and assists in the removal of chronic pain. Magnetite can increase our energy and endurance. It enhances the immune system. By placing a sample of Magnetite in the palm of each hand a magnetic charge is applied directly to the heart region, assisting the heart in its function.

The greater blood flow to the brain has many desirable effects. Magnetite helps relieve grief, fear and anger. It can dispel confusion and helps us loosen attachments. It helps us get focused mentally. Magnetite helps in meditation by keeping us grounded and preventing stray thoughts from distracting our attention.

Magnetite is a stone of attraction. It has been used to attract power. It is said that the one who sits on a throne of magnetite will rule all that he sees.
Magnetite can attract good fortune, and helps us realize our dream. For many centuries it has been used to attract love. When a young woman was looking for the right man to marry, she could employ Magnetite to attract the man of her dreams. It also can be used for protection against evil spells.

What an amazing crystal.

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