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Chakra: Solar Plexus

Lepidolite is the lilac colored member of the mica family. Like all mica, it grows in many layers of thin plates that are very fragile. It is an excellent source of lithium, used in the pharmaceutical industry. The effects of Lepidolite are very subtle. It helps in the reduction of stress. When placed near the bed it assists in sleeping. However because it is so fragile it should be kept on the nightstand and not under the pillow. It helps you to become more sensitive to the subtle energies around and within yourself. As an example it helps relieve the hidden stress in your life. Lepidolite is very soothing. It produces a gentile relaxation. At the same time it is refreshing and it can lead you into being sentimental. It gently reduces muscle tension and pain caused by physical and emotional stress. Lepidolite works with the third chakra by removing stored negativity and balancing the emotions, which results in better digestion. It activates the heart, throat, third eye and crown chakras. This promotes openness and honesty in relationships, both business and personal. Using Lepidolite as an elixir can relieve tension throughout the body. As it combines with the body fluids, tension is relieved, the body is more relaxed to perform its maintenance and repair functions. The result is a higher quality of life.

When used in conjunction with other minerals and crystals it harmonizes and enhances the gentile vibrations of these stones. A grid can be made of
Lepidolite samples that will promote calmness and peace in a specific area. Place a piece of Lepidolite on the floor midway on each wall of a room and enjoy a calm environment. Lepidolite is also the stone of transition for those about
to cross over into the next life. It helps make the passage more gentile and acceptable. It can be used to restructure life patterns like excessive use of
coffee. If you are in the process of changing a life pattern that is not beneficial to you, Lepidolite will help with the difficulty of making a life changing decision. It will also assist with calmness and acceptance as you shift the pattern.

Occasionally Lepidolite is found in hard compacted masses, which is much more rugged. When carved into spheres and eggs it is excellent for holding during
meditation or for placement under the pillow. When carved into art objects it can be placed in a room where it is appreciated for its beauty as it calms the local energies. I recommend placing a piece of Lepidolite in the center of meeting tables. This tends to bring harmony to the discussion. When paired with Spirit Quartz a much higher and gentler level of consciousness is achieved. Lepidolite should be cleansed frequently.

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