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Chakra: Solar Plexus

Labradorite is a unique stone with many metaphysical properties. It was first discovered in Labrador, Canada where it is still mined in small quantities. The majority of high quality Labradorite is found in Madagascar. If this stone had no healing properties, I would still recommend it to stone collectors. When viewed it can appear to be iridescent blue, or green or even golden. Change the angle of view just slightly and a different color becomes dominant. This is a physical preview of the many faces of Labradorite. It displays all of the colors of the chakras and therefore can be used to open and heal them all.

Labradorite is a stone of transition. It promotes wisdom and knowledge, replacing uncertainty and confusion. This stone strengthens your sense of self-worth. It also replaces anxiety with enthusiasm, hopelessness with self-confidence and depression with inspiration. Labradorite enhances mental clarity. It helps ease the mind to allow better decision making. It dispels the negativity of second guessing your decisions. In a time of change or conflict Labradorite can enhance your intuition and imagination of how to approach and resolve the problem. This stone releases the limitations that you or society has put on you to hold you back from great achievements.

Labradorite is a solar plexus stone. It can be used to regulate metabolism and assist in the digestive process. It helps to lower your blood pressure, clarify your vision, both physical and spiritual, and relieve colds.

Aura protection is another benefit of Labradorite. It cleanses the aura, clears and balances it. And it seals all holes in the aura to prevent leaking energy. It has been known as the light of the universe because it brings in extra-terrestrial energy to accomplish the tasks that it is asked to complete. It is useful in recalling dreams and understanding what the dreams have to do with our daily lives.

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