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Chakra: Third Eye Chakra

Infinite is a very gentle healing stone. It is soothing and calming for the body and nervous system. It draws out pain where it is applied. Infinite is a stone that can be used continually to remove chronic pain. It works well removing pain in joints and tendons, and helps to restore them after significant loss over time. Infinite is a soft stone that absorbs negativity. It is very successful in treating skin disorders. This gentle stone used frequently can have a more lasting effect than the more powerful stones used only occasionally.

Infinite can be used to enhance the meditative state. Its calming effect is helpful for reaching a deeper level of meditation. Infinite can be used on any chakra to bring peace and balance. In order for Infinite to be most effective, you will need to keep it in focus to begin with. Place Infinite on an affected area of the body and concentrate or meditate on this area and the stone being used. After this initial application, Infinite can be kept on this area for extended periods of time without the initial constant attention.

We know that if we desire something strong enough and focus our intention on attaining it, our desire will eventually be manifested. Infinite assists in this process by bonding our desire to the outcome, making it easier and quicker to see our dreams become reality. It brings our sense of self-control to the forefront, while allowing us to release control of others. It will also help us identify those things in our life, either physical or emotional, that are not in our best interest, and help us remove them. The same is true with non-productive thought patterns.

Because it is used for long periods of time, Infinite needs to be cleansed more frequently than most stones. This cleansing can be accomplished in many ways such as exposure to full sunlight or full moonlight for three days with the intention of cleansing and clearing. Any other method of cleansing that you normally use will also be effective with Infinite.

We encourage personal exploration. Each person will have a slightly different experience with the stones.

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