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Herkimer Diamond

Chakra: Crown Chakra

The Herkimer Diamond is one of the most powerful types of quartz. It is not a diamond, but has the stunning clarity of a fine diamond. This is an essential stone for your collection not only because of its beauty but its healing properties. It presents all of the expected healing qualities of quartz and more. The Herkimer Diamond is a wonderful stone for the opening and alignment of all of the chakras. It will clear a stuck chakra in seconds upon application. After all of the chakras have been cleared and are spinning properly, the Herkimer Diamond can be used to fill in any holes in the aura, thus building a strong defense against any negativity that would slow you down. Your resistance to disease will be greatly enhanced. This stone is so powerful that it may cause a little dizziness when used for the first time if you are very sensitive to crystal energy. That will pass as your body learns how to assimilate this surge of positive energy. They can help a gloomy person be happy to be alive and full of possibilities.

The Herkimer Diamond is a crystal of expansion. As you feel its protection around you, your mind is free to expand in many directions. You become more
aware of your surroundings and how they influence you. Your creative mind comes into play to help you change or move away from anything that is not for your highest good. As you see the bigger picture of your surroundings, you are able to create more of what is most beneficial. It’s like seeing the positive flow of vehicle traffic instead of a mess of randomly moving cars and trucks. Your mind
is able to put order to chaos. The same is true for relationships and life paths. Once you can see beyond the mental clutter, you can plot a course to move forward.

“Herks” work most effectively with the crown and third eye chakras. They open the crown wide to receive wisdom and healing energy from the universe. This assists the mental expansion mentioned above. It is a great stone to use during meditation. It can promote mental communications between two people who are holding them with the intention of communication without spoken words. I have tried this and found it to be very effective. Herks are used frequently to
enhance the effects of other crystals. For example the combination of a Herkimer Diamond and rose quartz can bring a mental and physical peace that is beyond expectations. The combination of black tourmaline and a “Herk” will bring a path to Mother Earth for grounding.

The descriptions of all featured items posted in the Gem of the Month are a gift to you compliments of Jim Heinen of Treasures from the Earth, your premier
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