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Green Tourmaline, Verdelite

Chakra: Heart Chakra

Green Tourmaline, also known as Verdelite, is one of the more widely used forms of tourmaline. Since ancient times it has been used by shaman in Australia, Africa and the Americas as a calming and balancing stone. It was called upon for healing and for cleansing rituals. Combined with the burning of sage, Green Tourmaline cleansed the area used for rituals like the medicine wheel. This stone can balance the energy in your workspace or home to bring in calmness by dispelling negativity.

Green Tourmaline can be employed to remove disruptive energies from all of the chakras. Place the stone on the chakra with the intention of balancing and enhancing the energy flow and it will bring the energy to the state most needed at that time. It is most effective in the 4th chakra area. It will eliminate energetic block to the lungs, which could manifest as asthma or pneumonia. It will bring peace to the heart and strengthen it while detoxifying the heart muscle tissue. Green Tourmaline brings rejuvenating and energizing vibrations to the body and mind. It encourages patience, understanding and openness in relationships. This is a stone used by gardeners to enhance their intuition regarding the placement and care of plants for the garden, both vegetable and flower. Green Tourmaline attracts success in business and the wealth that comes with this success.

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