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Chakra: Heart Chakra

Dioptase is a stone for the deep heart. This rich, dark, blue green stone is able to reach down deep into the heart to make the changes necessary for a good life. One of the most noteworthy features of Dioptase is in the area of forgiveness. It assists in the true forgiveness of those who have hurt us deeply. If someone has abused or neglected us time and time again, Dioptase helps in forgiving that person. This forgiveness is a release of others from playing the roll of abusing or neglecting us in one way or another. When they are released, they will no longer repeat the offense. This forgiveness is not an acceptance of what has occurred, but a release to prevent it from happening again. Now you can move forward in that area of your life.

Dioptase also helps to heal sadness and heartache. It can't go back in time and change the incident that caused the pain. It doesn't in any way change the offender. But it does help us in finding a new frame of mind in which to see what has happened. Perhaps in a relationship, we assumed that the other person shared the same degree of commitment that we had. When we found that this was not the case, we took offense and got hurt. Dioptase will show us where we made the mistake in thinking and releases us from the negative emotions we are feeling. It helps to change this loss into self-love. It works equally well for current situations, ones from our childhood or even past lives. Dioptase also increases self-love by giving us the courage and ability to love more deeply, even unconditionally. This increases our self-worth, sincerity and emotional balance. Dioptase can also be used to help relieve the effects of heart disease. It is also very effective in directing healing energy to Mother Earth. What a stone!

When used in meditation, Dioptase can help us find the source of a problem. It also helps us stay grounded and focused on our present circumstances. Dioptase assists us in living in the moment.

I encourage you to sample the power of Dioptase. It is truly a magnificent stone for the heart.

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