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Chakra: Heart Chakra

Diopside is a very useful stone that has not been included in many medicine bags due to lack of promotion. I have selected to narrow this discussion to Green Diopside. This is a crystal that is used most effectively on the chakras of the third eye, throat and heart. It is used for balancing and healing, stability. When Green Diopside is used for
balancing it promotes emotional well being as felt in the heart, perceived in the third eye and spoken through the throat. This stability helps in enhancing self-confidence and self esteem, leading to the enhancement of self love and love of others. Green Diopside promotes trust. Thus a clearer and more honest communication is established. At the same time Green Diopside helps in opening the mind to accepting new concepts.

Green Diopside is a stone that can be used in the physical regeneration of damaged tissues. It promotes healing of the lungs that have been damaged by smoke from fire or tobacco. It can be used to heal damaged heart tissue after a heart attack or, as some believe, to help prevent the attack before it happens. Green Diopside can be used to regenerate tissue damaged during surgery, effectively shortening recovery time after the operation. Women who are experiencing menopause can find assistance with calming of emotions and helping them yeild to physical change.

Green Diopside is a good selection for calming a pet in trauma. An elixir can be made by placing a clean sample of Green Diopside in a clear container of
water and allowing it to be in sunlight for two or three days. This can be accomplished outside in warmer weather or on a sun filled windowsill in the
winter. Use the elixir in the water bowl or mix it with the food. A little goes a long way.

This is an important stone that has been overlooked by the metaphysical community. I am sure that once you begin working with a sample of Green Diopside you will adopt another stone for you medicine bag.

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