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Candle Quartz

Chakra:Heart Chakra

Candle Quartz is a unique form of quartz that displays the best of both worlds in the quartz family. At the heart of the crystal is a strong main shaft, a single point where energy can be sharply focused. Around this point hundreds of tiny points have grown, like a quartz cluster that transmits and receives energy from all directions at once. Both the quartz point and the cluster are found in one crystal. I think this is remarkable. Many say that this is an elestial quartz point that displays the ability to cleanse and heal. I will address elestials in a future Gem. Some references call this pineapple quartz. Candle Quartz looks like a candle that has wax drippings covering all sides. Each is different, each a lovely work of natural art.

Candle Quartz is a stone of insight that can lead us to a greater understanding of ourselves.   It helps us look inside to discover who we are, what our mission is and which path to take to fulfill this mission. Candle Quartz helps clarify issues by transforming uncertainty into hope. It increases our tranquility by enhancing our confidence and sensitivity.

Some Candle Quartz points favor the properties of the single point.  Some favor the cluster properties. Many practitioners use one or the other to achieve their desired results. I have found that using a balanced pair of the points draws out both features and the result is a synergy of the two used for balancing just about anything you want to balance. This is the Yin Yang balancing effect. All disease is caused by an imbalance of something in our bodies or thought processes. Candle Quartz will assist in balancing both physical and mental issues. The “single point” type is held in the left hand, and the “cluster” type is held in the right hand. During meditation with a pair of Candle Quarts crystals, you may feel a swirling effect, bringing you deep within yourself. This is where your inner self can communicate with you.

This unique crystal was first found in Madagascar. It has also been found in Russia. I have samples from both mines. They seem to have the same effect, but have a slightly different feel. It can be used as the center stone for many native ceremonies such as the medicine wheel. It has the ability to draw out the richness of all the other stones that are included in the ceremony.

Jim Heinen,
Treasures of the Earth

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